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Inspiration: Encyclopedia of Flowers

The beauty of flowers in a new book Encyclopedia of Flowers with Flower Works by Makoto Azuma, photographed by Shunsuke Shiinok. A perfect christmas present, available on Lars Müller Publishers. pictures via  


Flowers: Christmas decoration

I love to work with flowers, it’s like a meditation for me. Here some snaphsots of my christmas decoration studio.


Editorial: A Portrait of October

Check our latest editorial A Portrait of October i shooted with photographer Marie-Christine Gerber. ERYNGIUM SEDUM SPECTABILE CELOSIA ARGENTEA GOMPHRENA GLOBOSA PANICUM VIRGATUM VERONICA LONGIFOLIA SOLIDAGO CANADENSIS CROCOSMIA CHRYSANTHEMUM   Open publication – Free publishing – More flowers


Larch wood & Alpacas

I spent the weekend in the swiss mountains, hiking through the enchanting fall larch woods! Awesome!


Time out: Summer Garden

Yesterday i spent the evening in our wild garden, there is a lot to do but also a lot to enjoy!



Love the horns I’ve got from my grandfather, perfect contrast to the the handmade floral wreath.



greener than green hotter than hot, beautiful forest near my studio. go out it’s a beautiful day!


Urban Gardening

Here some pics of the fruits in our garden. unbelievable how fast they grow! I need one of those citrus printed Dresses of Stella McCartney’s Summer Collection to feel like a modern elf of a Midsumer Nights Dream.

Photo Mai 31, 7 26 32

Remember Sunshine

Last Weekend I spent some time at our idyllic Garden, cutting the grass with the scythe! great! everything is growin -, I’ve already eaten the first cherries yummi!