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Exhibition: The heroes of everyday

We see and use them constantly, they improve our everyday lives in many different ways, they existe in huge amounts and we are so used to their consumption and neutral to their existence that we stopped asking ourselves of their origin and history. Objects like […]


Shopping: Maria Francesca Pepe’s sensitive edginess

 Nothing is more exiting then coexisting contrasts, complete oposites being part of one, like spikes on a beautiful rose. This  trilling combination of sensitive and edgy was also an inspiration for the Maria Francesca Pepe‘s “Can’t buy me love” collection, introducing pieces of rose gold. Available […]


Shopping tips by Edition Populaire: OWL and Deck Towel

Experience taught us to trust the selection of Edition Populaire without the smallest doubt. This,the 14th, time they offer us some hight quality accessories to make the summer feeling complete and fully enjoy sun and water: OWL eyewear by David and Lars from Berlin and […]

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The Exhibition:The forgotten books: In the mood for a good deed?

Ever since 2008 are Roland Früh and Corina Neuenschwander leading an interesting project called ‘Forgotten Books’. In its exhibitions about history of Swiss bookmaking it brings together design, literature and publishing. For the new exhibition that will be shown in Zürich, Locarno and Geneva they […]


Inspiration: Freitag’s F60 Joan traveling the world

Her name is F60 JOAN, her fathers are Freitag brothers and her favorite thing to do is riding a bike all around the world’s metropols. Pretty, uncomplicated and glamourous she just hangs on the weel happily carrying your belongings. This is a movie about this […]


Design: Studio V, Modern Jewelry with a vintage twist

Vania Fernandes Magalhäes Marques is an African born landscape arhitekt whose passion for jewelry redirected the path of her career. After getting her Master’s Degree in Jewelry Design and collaborations with brands such as DeBeers and Cielo Venezia she is finally presenting her first entirely […]

DITA Inside Our World

DITA eyewear: inside our world@shamrock social club

Dr. Woo is a Hollywood based Tattoo-artist and one of the inside members of DITA crew. DITA is an eyewear brand founded by John Juniper & Jeff Solorio with headquarters in Los Angeles but hand made in Japan. These two big photography and design fans […]


Sandqvist: everyday Bags and items with swedish aroma

The three founders of this Sandqvist bag brand are all swedish boys with countryside childhood background. The influence of growing up in the rural mid Sweden is charmingly recognizable in their designs. Together with urban Stockholm life impacts their bags are a mix of durable […]


shopping: bally shoes

The new Bally Love  2 Kollection is out! A duo of creative directors Michael Herz and Graeme Fidler, together with an swiss artist, Olaf Breuning created a line of ballerinas for the ladies, loafers for gentleman, hand bags, shopping bags and accessorise. They can be […]


inspiration: news from the east: Mixer festival!

This years Mixer festival is even bigger looking, wider seeing and more fun then ever. From 25th of May till 6th of Jun, Belgrade will be cooking, mixing, exploding with creativity.  Once more will the professionals, enthusiasts, creatives get together to interact, show, make and […]


Design: Colin’s Con.temporary furniture

This furniture collection of the brand Colin is the winner of this years Pfister Interior Design Award. Colin’s peaces are simple in form, made of raw materials, take the idea of furniture design on a higher level: it is actually constructed without the use of […]


fashion & art: his majesty, the blue shirt

Fashion and art simply fit together, like bratwurst and beer, sand and bear feet, moon and stars. This Acne‘s collaboration with Lord Snowdon, a photographer world known for his portrait photography, is all about that classic but stylish, the undying, blue shirt. The project resulted in 8 […]